Electronic Mail

E-mail service is available to all employees of the Faculty of Science. If you do not have an account, you can contact the system administrator at your department. Students have the possibility to open (free) email account at the academic computer network of the University Of Novi Sad (ARMUNS), and to obtain the address in the form of korisnickoime@uns.ac.rs.

Teaching Web Service

Teaching web service allows teachers an access to schedule courses, data of students admitted to the course, minutes and data from Human Resources department. Referents are able to manipulate the schedule entries.


FS Wireless

There are three wireless networks in the building of FS: Wireless networks of FS (open access network), UNS wireless network (intended for the staff at the University) and the wireless network eduroam (education roaming).


Licensed Software

Free licensed software for students and employees of the Faculty of Science.




Moodle Services – E-learning

Moodle has been in use at the Faculty of Science since 2004. At first it was introduced as a support to the regular curriculum in the Department of Mathematics and Informatics, mainly in the computer science studies. It performed well in daily practice and it became an indispensable tool complementing regular classes. Today, the university Moodle installation tool is available to all teachers, co-workers and students (of all departments).



VPN (Virtual Private Network) access is intended for the users of the computer network of FS and for use of local services when the user is outside of the local network, for example, at home, from other universities, hotels, airports, etc.



FS cloud service is used for backup and file sharing.


Personal Space for Data


Library Information System


Document Management System


Math Server

Math server has installed a mathematical software Matlab, Mathematica